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Earth Taken 3

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earthtaken3The Earth is not what it used to be. Some time ago, the aliens came in endless waves to kill everyone on our planet. They changed the ecosystem and the air became poison to most animals and humans. Some humans were brainwashed and turned against their own king. A lot of nuclear bombs were dropped all over the planet and Earth is not a safe place anymore. Your quest in Earth Taken 3 game starts with the escape from the enemy laboratory. On your way, you will find a lot of aliens who will try to kill you, but you will notice other people. You can help them to survive. The survivals will automatically follow you and provide help during quests.There are a lot of hidden areas in the game , which contain secret supplies. Remember that the whole gaming process is saved at the beginning of the level, so if you want to play later, bookmark our website. In Earth Taken 3 you must take a look at radiation level and take health pills if needed. You can also grab some weapons from the dead enemies.

Controls: [Arrow Key]s = Move & Aim, [Spacebar] = interact, [A] = shoot, [S] = jump/double jump, [R] = reload weapon, [Q] = toggle weapons, [E] = eat, [X] = anti-radiation. Hope that you will spend great time playing the Earth Taken 3 game at our website.